Free mobile service in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo  

DentCare technician Joshua Griffith is a Vale certified Master Technician and a member of the NAPDRT

DentCare is locally owned and operated.  We service Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, and Iowa City.


-The most important benefit is QUALITY.  PDR is as close to the dent never happening as you can get.  Products used in the body shop such as Bondo, fillers, primer, and paint must be mixed and applied precisely to obtain a long lasting quality repair.  That is often not the case, which is why body shop repairs often fail or have problems months down the road.  

-Cost is another major benefit.  The typical body shop estimate for a small dent ranges from $350-$500 and up.  That same dent can be repaired by DentCare for $95-$125.  

-Time savings is yet another advantage of DentCare.  A small dent can be repaired in less than an hour using PDR.  The same dent would take 1-3 days for a body shop to repair..

-Convenience is also an important advantage.  DentCare will come to you in most cases to repair your car.  PDR is a clean, quiet(nylon hammers and tap downs are used occasionally) repair process that can be done almost any where.  Fast, quality service removing dents without painting your vehicle!